Blissgasmic Woman

6. How to have a bliss-gasmic birth, motherhood & business with Layla Aluna

September 06, 2022 Tatyana Mateva Season 1 Episode 6
Blissgasmic Woman
6. How to have a bliss-gasmic birth, motherhood & business with Layla Aluna
Show Notes

Blissgasmic woman is a podcast for the woman dreamer, creator, artist, entrepreneur and anyone else who dares to live outside the societal small frames. For the new ones here, my name is Tatyana and my guest today is one of my dearest friends who I so deeply value and admire and whom I can get inspired by everyday. Her name is Layla Aluna.  Layla is a Water and Womb Priestess. And you will shortly understand what this means. And she is also part of the Sacred Kangen Water Blissness. Spreading freedom and 5 dimensional abundance. She is originally from Slovakia. We met 6 year ago in Thailand and were afterwards living in Bali. Layla currently lives in Hawaii and is a mother of 2. Her son Star Gabriel is almost 3 years old and her daughter Andara Gaia Sophia is about 7 months old. Layla is one of the most inspirational women for me because she says a big NO to everything that is not in alignment with her highest bliss. She gave birth to both of her children in nature. And her 2nd birth was fully orgasmic and lasted only 2 hours in the company of her husband. She is an incredibly strong and soft at the same time woman who is a living proof by her own words:" That if you believe something unshakably it is your reality".

In this episode we talk about:

How Layla connected to the spirit of her baby girl before her conception.
The ecstatic birthing of Layla's 2nd child Andara Gaia Sophia.
The blessings and the mission to be a mother in this New Earth Era that we live in.
Layla's initiation into Womb Healing.
The sacred Kangen Water Blissness, spreading freedom & 5 Dimensional Abundance.

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